Watch Review – Grand Seiko SBGR059 Titanium

Received my new Grand Seiko SBGR059 from Seiyajapan the other week and thought it was time (ha!) to post a review. I remember as I was selecting a new Grand Seiko to order that looking at the rather poor stock photo’s (thanks SEIKO) just didn’t cut it and I was desperate for a real world review. I scrolled through numerous watch forums to find it, and so leave a review for anyone considering buying one (and I strongly suggest you do).

So here it is in all its splendid glory.


 I won’t wax lyrical about the background and history of the Grand Seiko brand or its credentials, there is plenty a google search can reveal.

I will confess though, I am a SEIKO man at heart. I have a fascination for watches that are serious in terms of performance, design and quality, but don’t have the in your face attention seeking status of a Rolex or JLC (as nice as they are). Every man should own a Grand Seiko, and if you have the means, make sure it is this one.

Well, the watch. One key difference to this versus other Grand Seiko’s is the case and bracelet are constructed of dia-shield coated (scratch-resist in non marketing speak) titanium. Details below:

  • Case&Bracelet: Titanium  Lumi : None
  • Crystal: Dual curved Sapphire with non-reflection coating
  • Diameter: 39 mm (without the crown)
  • Thickness: 13.4 mm  Weight: 96 g
  • Movement: 9S65 35J
  • Accuracy: +5/-3 sec/day
  • Power reserve: 72Hrs.
  • Hack/with hand-winding
  • 10 ATM water resistance, See-through back

This makes this one seriously light watch. Compared to, say, the cheaper (and smaller) SBGR051 which comes in at 140g, this is about two-thirds the weight. It is probably the first thing I noticed picking up and handling the watch. This makes the watch extremely comfortable to wear and I can’t think of another watch I own which is this comfortable through the day, and I own a few. That being said, if you like watches with a bit of heft for whatever reason, this watch is not for you. Look instead at the bigger and cutting edge SBGH001, or the aforementioned smaller SBGR051, no if’s, but’s or maybe’s.

The entire construction and performance of the watch is typically Grand Seiko, and that means quality and attention to detail. The dial shimmers in the sunlight and has a soft glow in the shade.




Beautiful brushed hands combined with an eye catching blue seconds hand, are exquisitely done and really set the dial off.

For watch nerds, this will tick all the right boxes with the reliable 9S65 movement with a massive 72hour power reserve. Visible from the back and decroated with a subtle hologram pattern and GS logo.


Another beautiful feature of this watch is the case profile and shape, which appears quite thick, but is proportionate to the case size.




Bracelet wise, this is typical Grand Seiko again with a relatively good quality, simple design that is comfortable to wear. This bracelet may not be in Rolex territory however it does a darn good job for the price.


Lastly, some comparison photos against my Grand Seiko SBGX061. You will notice the difference between the stainless steel finish versus the titanium. Generally speaking in the watch world, titanium watches are dull. SEIKO has done an absolutely amazing job at extracting the perfect amount of dull versus shined surfaces on the SBGR059. In my opinion, this adds to this flying well under the radar, exuding quiet confidence.

IMG_4316          IMG_4318

Overall, a 9 out of 10 from me and well worth the purchase if you are good with less bling and weight. Manllectables is all about the understated class and passion, and so this makes perfect sense. Wear it in good health!


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