Incoming – Montblanc Rouge et Noir Fountain Pen

I recently blogged about some very exciting news that the Montblanc Heritage Collection was being expanded to include the Rouge et Noir. Well, after much consideration I decided to bite the bullet and order myself a fountain pen in the special edition Coral.

The serpent clip, jeweled eyes and two tone serpent nib ultimately made me purchase the Coral over the black. Secretly, I know I will probably end up with both however. Montblanc have also released a related range of accessories for men which can be found on the Montblanc website. Some nice things on there but interestingly, no limited edition ink – a missed opportunity I think!

A review will be posted as soon as it is in my hands and I have had the opportunity to write a few pages with it, so be sure to check back for it to be posted. A big shout out to La Couronne du Comte also for the excellent service thus far.

Also, check out my ‘For Sale’ page, as some pens need to be sold to make room for this beauty.



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