Incoming – Montblanc Agatha Christie Writers Edition Fountain Pen

If you are just looking at the feature photo, you could be excused from thinking this is a double up; happily it is not. Serpent clip fever has hit and I just purchased a Montblanc Agatha Christie Fountain Pen!

Yes, this is in addition to my earlier post about my purchase of a Heritage Collection Rouge et Noir in Coral. You could say that I am quite smitten with the Montblanc brand at the moment and that is partially true, they have injected soul back into the fountain pen market recently.

The real reasons I picked up the Agatha are twofold. Firstly, I got it for a steal (more on that when I post a review). Secondly, it follows the safety filler aesthetic I am in love with. As a rather desirable model, it will surely take the place of one of my other allocated use pens. That’s means a reduction of pens to fit this one into my routine. 

There, that sounds sort of rational doesn’t it? 😉

A review will also be posted as soon as it is in my hands and I have had the opportunity to get to know it a little better. Stay tuned for that in the next week or so, but for now, enjoy the grainy eBay photo’s.

Also, please check out my ‘For Sale’ page, more pens to be added in the next week.




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