Incoming – MB 1912 Heritage Fountain Pen

In an earlier post, I wrote about my experience of visiting my local Montblanc boutique in Sydney and the disappointing experience I had.

As a secret admirer of MB Pens, I had been on the lookout for a new 1912 Heritage model. You know, the one with the ingenious combined retractable nib and piston filler knob? Well today I bit the bullet and acquired it!

It’s on the way and looks like it will be here in two short weeks! I ended up on a Broad nib to exploit the purported stubbish qualities of the nib and look forward to posting a full report soon after receiving it.

So what do current/aspiring owners think of the pen? How is it to live with? Is the nib really as good as they say? Interested to know your thoughts!

For now, here are a couple of photos (rights reserved of their original owners).






  1. It is my favorite writer. It is the absolutely smoothest nib I have ever used! I will not use it for weeks at a time and pick it up and it begins as soon as the nib touches the paper, no skips, no railroading. I am using MB Permanent Black Ink in this pen. I love the retracting mechanism. It wasn’t new to me as I have a MB Boheme. MB has mastered this technology. My pen has developed a very slight scratch around the circumference of the pen where the inner cap apparently rubs the resin. MB considers this normal wear. If you search some of the forums, you will see others have complained of this also. When the time comes for me to send it in for cleaning, I hope they will replace or repair that. Minor complaint though. It is my favorite pen. Nice and solid in weight and construction.

  2. Thanks for your comment Bill, it’s great to hear you love your MB 1912. I am hoping the pen lives up to the expectations I have placed on it as a reliable and refined writing instrument. I have certainly read a lot about the cap scratching the barrel of the pen after a period of normal use and whilst annoying, thing it is something I could live with if the pen writes as I expect it to. As for ‘normal wear and tear’, I think the term ‘design flaw’ springs to mind instead. I’ll be sure to post my thoughts when it arrives in a couple of short weeks!

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