Writing Sample – Parker Duofold International Fine Nib

I was playing around with my faithful Parker Duofold International black & pearl over the weekend and thought I would share a writing sample of the Fine nib size.

The Duofold in question is one of the modern varieties with the spade design nib. This differs from previous large arrow and banner design of the mid 2000’s, and the simple two tone  arrow of the 1990’s. Size wise, the international is the smaller of the two sizes currently produced. The larger version is called the centennial. I strongly prefer the international if I am taking it outside of the house, it is the perfect size for my hand.

Overall, the nib is not soft, springy, flex or any other description you care to choose. It is a nail, but a nail with a bit of character and reliable. I quite like the design of both the spade and ski slope feed. A solid nib overall.  Enjoy….



  1. Good simple review of which I appreciate very much. I have just acquired a NOS 1997 black & pearl with B nib. Been wanting one for a long while. I do remember seeing em all those years ago. The nib on mine required a little tweak. It does writes smooth enough for now but I am quite sure with a little bit more work it will be a lot better.

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